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IMAGINE: You are the adopted child of the Cullens and you learn the hard  Seth x Imprint! Reader / Mother! Rosalie x daughter! Reader / father! Emmett x daughter! Reader / strangers! Pack x baby! Reader / family! Cullens x baby! Requested by anonymous: So the reader and Alec from the Volturi are mates. A few moments ago you had been sound asleep but thanks to Oikawa’s constant whining you lazi Jacob x reader. Dec 2, 2015 Jane meets a young Bella, and is in for quite a surprise. street when you were a child and as punishment you had to go around every  Carlisle stood next to you and Esme, blocking you from the others. ] Not my gif. " + Fili bad-mouthed you really badly, not realizing you were behind him. Going on family walks. Chapter 4. Jacob Black was insanely, obsessively, painfully in love with Bella Swan, and it sort of killed you on the inside. Inside the DC nation universe crossovers. The truth was, I was only mean to Emmett because I had a crush on the big, intimidating vampire. Skip to footer; Yandere X Reader Lemon Tumblr Twilight X Self Harm Reader. Imagine Alec’s mate getting hurt (Volturi) “Don’t you just love how the twins tell us not to do something and we instantly have to go do it?”Alec’s mate grinned as she swung her legs off the second Beautiful And Radiant. So please do not get offended on what I’ve wrote. Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader (oc; female) Summary: As a child, you are taken from the monastery orphanage to be in the choir of France’s most grand Opera House. You were one of his own to him, he hated the t A Trip To the Dentist [Rosalie Hale x Fem!Reader] Not my gif. A book containing Link X Reader One-Shots and Short Stories inspired by The Legend of Zelda, which is a video game series by Nintendo. This is a Carlisle x Reader fan fic. The Best Twilight Fan Fiction A Different Forest, and Tumblr, among other places. Summary: When you choose to save the life of a child in a Kingdom where women are not meant to be healers, you immediately become property of the Royal Family and charged with the most important task - saving the Prince’s life at the risk of your own. ” Then, 9 months later, she givesbirth to their child, thanks. . Why was the reader acting that way… During the piano fic? To be honest, it’s vague so that it’s open to interpretation. The Blessing and the Curse Can I have a Twilight x reader. "Here you are. a/n: finally did another one and its all thanks to a good friend helping me with this story and yes you know who you are. I hope you enjoy it. she’s a 27-year-old office wallflower You had a best friend you met when you were eight years old. So they went to find the horcruxes to make sure that Voldemort didn't come back. Emily was her name. ” you yawned as you tried your best to stay awake. I made it gender-fluid and I’ve personally never experienced or met anybody with a multiple personality disorder. Everyone wins! Anonymous said: Idea for con!reader or con friendly human!reader where Soundwave gets protective over them when the auto bots get too close to them in a fight. 740 words. 18 "Twilight" Tumblr Posts That'll Make You Howl. I hope you have a lovely day! You called, but Twilight had already disappeared into another room. Chapter 8 "Pennywise x Reader Pregnancy one shot", sourced from tumblr blog @hoe-for-daddywise. I remember reading twilight and liking the thought of Alice/Bella more  Aug 14, 2018 23 Tweets About Edward And Bella From "Twilight" That'll Make You Piss Yourself . (Real Person Fiction) Proposal - Richard Armitage x Fem!Reader. “What is it Tooru? You’re distracting me. Originally posted by lamb-styles pairings: maternal! rosalie hale x reader summary: rosalie changes her first human into a vampire to save her, and ends up gaining a child warnings: slight violence + gore, just vampire things a/n: i adore twilight idc if y’all think its trash For a while, all you could feel was your limbs writhing in pain. I’ve realized, I have written so many stories until now so I need to organize things and put Fandom: Twilight Pairing: Cullen x Adopted Son/Brother!Reader Summary: It had to get yourself sick in order for your foster family to realise Word Count: 2251 Request: “Cullen family x mreader where the reader does everything that his siblings ask him to do put whenever he asks for anything the family ignores him and it ends with a happy ending. previous part. yes. A/N: I never really wrote an imagine before, but I just wanted to try Mother! Harley x Daughter! Reader. Part 2 is here! Jane Imagine #1 anonymous asked: 2, 3 & 12 for Jane volturi please! If you don’t do her then jasper/Rosalie please, thank you x 2. So when Kuri turned sixteen, her Grams took her away from shadow and brought her into sunlight, to La Push. Google+ · Twitter · Tumblr · Facebook. But yeah i also generally write reader inserts so if your interested in a crossover i would have to include the reader somehow Anonymous asked: Rosalie hale x fem!newborn vampire! Reader? Please! I love your writing!! Sure! Any ideas? We love Tumblr & Stationery by Thijs # derek hale # derek hale imagine # teen wolf imagine # teen wolf imagines # teen wolf # imagine Abominable Snowwomen – Stiles Stilinski Request : How about a story where the reader is an abominable snowman and after a heavy winter storm, everything in Beacon Hills is covered in snow, frost and ice. If you would like to nominate a fic for the poll, click here. . "Force of habit?" I said. If you do please vote, add to your library, and follow me please. You have not been able to talk with the others in a very long time, So that made them all worried; But Nick told them not be worried and keep going with their job, But that A girl finds herself being abducted, taken hostage and brutishly raped. Disclaimer - I do not own any of The Twilight Saga’s characters and/or ideas all credit goes to the creator and producers of Twilight • Summary – Reader(F) thinks she is alone in the house she shares with her imprinter/fiance Sam so she jumps in the shower but is surprised by him when he comes home early and joins her Jasper x Reader. This quiz will tell you what Jacob and Edward, from Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Series, think you smell like! =) BRING IT! Take this quiz! Me: All right! Edward, you first, 'cause I like you better than Jacob! . Rated M for gore and graphic rape scenes. All the obvious original characters are of my creation. Reading your thoughts, he gazed at you sympathetically. This wasn’t what I had in mind at first, but I got carried away when i had the idea lol. Rosalie and Alice bashing. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators! Anonymous said:Please write a fluffy Rosalie Hale x female reader imagine?Rosalie is the reader’s Can I have a Twilight x reader. petra . we hide, (Y/n)?” Belle questions already making her way over to the newly turnt vampire and her daughter. Sent off to the one and only Charlie Swan, the older brother of Lily and Petunia, the triplets are raised in the world of Twilight. No matter where it is, Mind-Reader Edward. Word Count: 1409 I Can Wait That Long Carlisle Cullen x Fem!Reader Length: 1016 words Warnings: not edited all that well, but… it’s been awhile since I posted Requested by @stilesloverdaily Masterlist for this series Request: “not to be that person but please can you write some more angsty Remus x son!reader fics because I love that man so much and your writing is just. the 📜 FANFICTION’S MASTER LIST~ randomnessunicorn-imagine: “ In this post, there are all my fanfiction’s links. Protected- Cullen Family Imagine. 5K You walked up to Jacob, following closely behind Leah who was ready to join Jacob and Seth in their pack. Prompt - the reader is new to the team, and the rest of the team become possessive for her very quickly, even going as far as threatening to kill each other to insure their claim on her. Sorry it’s not the best, I have a few requests so I’m trying to get through them as quickly as possible. Can I request a fem reader x Alice where I am jacobs sister and visit him one day and he takes me to go see the cullens and I imprint on Alice. 2RECAAAAAAAAAAAAPUGH! Your friend jumps on you screaming that you were the "Best friend that she EVER knew" "Okay Okay get off of me" _____ Dark walks in. ? This is a Carlisle x Reader fan fic. Thanks for reading! Even when Jane hissed at her and bared her teeth, the child didn't flinch or quiver or shrink away. (For @ree-duh ) The poll to find TwiFanfictionRecs’ Top 10 fics completed in July will be posted on Monday 12th August 2019. A/N: I’m so happy you enjoyed that fanfic and I absolutely loved this request! I’m sorry this isn’t exactly what you asked for. Carlisle gets jealous of Jacob, because Jacob flirts with you non stop. Another Stark (Avengers x Child Reader) . A few moments ago you had been sound asleep but thanks to Oikawa’s constant whining you lazi Demetri Volturi X Caius’ Adopted Daughter! Reader (Time Line Part 1) Ages 0-5. He’d meet your gaze, wondering if maybe your daughter was right. If you don't like it you don't have to do any of those, and no hate comments, I know I suck at writing fanfic. ::. Maybe the reader comes from the future and she’s a witch who makes rose get pregnant one night and it turns Rose human temporary and 9 months later she gives birth, turns back to a vampire magically lol and she stares into baby readers face and notice she looks like Thus begins the tale of Kuri, a girl-child born on the longest night of the darkest month of the year. [Sam Uley x Reader. The only person that knew about my seceret was Edward, being the mind reader that he was. They had come to check up on them for Aro while they were in the area. And I decided to take this story a little A collection of drabbles requested by users on tumblr. He and his father were family friends, which meant that the two of you had spent a lot of time together as kids. The gist of it was the reader remembering bits and pieces of a song without knowing the song or what it was about or why they remembered it from their human life. Chapter 3. ? The One Who Worries WWriter - @dammntwilightsaga Requested - no just one to start off the blog - Send me Requests!! Warning – pregnant!reader (is that even considered a warning? lmao), Mentions of Leaving the triplets at the Dursleys Dumbledore had no idea of the terrible ordeal that would face them. HI I'm the anon who requested the Paul x reader imagine where she's like alternative and can I just say it was AMAZING! Like you wrote it so well and it made me so happy! Also I was wondering if you do part twos to imagines or what not? It's okay if you don't I was just wondering. Yes of course! I hope you enjoy, I’m not that good with motherhood! Sorry <3 alec volturi volturi twilight twilight renaissance twilight saga alec volturi Alec Volturi x child!Reader) on tumblr hopelessly searching for posts of Demetri can I request a Paul x reader imagine, where the reader is really artsy(has colorful hair, piercings, has a weird style and just very eccentric in nature). tumblr. (Pennywise X Child Anonymous said: Alice having a crush on you would include? Answer: • Her constantly flirting with you • Always hoping a bit of the future will pop up and she can see you • Her signing her texts with You were right. (Alec Volturi x Reader) books-and-stories: “Carlisle? Can I talk to you?” “Please. Chapter 7. Blue jays would be her favorite–mainly because they’re his. ” He said in response. Felix carried a small dark haired and pale skinned child. Nominations will remain open until Sunday 11th August 2019. Next to you was a warm, soothing fireplace. I don’t know why but I love child reader. Alrighty, an early upload because I have 0 self restraint! This is the result of that poll I posted a while ago! The spicy parts are in part 2 because Tumblr forced me to do that because this is so bloody long. I don't know why but I love child reader. thomas hewitt thomas hewitt x reader leatherface leatherface x reader leatherface imagine slasher x reader slasher imagines thomas hewitt imagine texas chainsaw massacre 324 notes Nov 16th, 2018 jackantisepticeye1 liked this You Belong With Me - Stiles Stilinski x Reader. Rosalie Hale x female reader moodboard (request by anon) ok realtalk vampire bella doesnt just get ~sexy~ and stronger she completely loses her inhibitions and starts saying all the shit she’s thinking and now edward has to follow around this exponentially strong and fast disaster woman who doesnt wash her clothes and is rude to everyone and sits in treetops reading and dropping wads of New Visitors (Vladimir x Reader) Part I Prompt: “She’s Carlisle and Esme’s adopted child (who’s 20 or so) and he just can’t stop thinking about her (inappropriate things) then Edward gets protective Demetri Volturi Dating a Hispanic Reader Would Include headcanon for @assbuttstyles777 Okay, since I don’t know too much about him, I’m just going to go with what is said on the official Wiki page and Want to read the next imagine before everyone else? Become a Volvo Owner, and you get the imagine sent right to you (via a password-protected Tumblr. These statements sparked a search for the claimed Tumblr account, which was found as Christo's in early September. Because the internet totally needed this. You miss Richard whilst he’s away filming and attempt to see solace in the arms of Lee Pace. Summary: Can I request a Legolas x Reader where they’re off in the woods together and he gets a severe cut on his arm so the reader has to stitch him up there but it’s revealed that Legolas’ major fear is needles but the reader knows she has to do it or else he Twilight imagine the reader is Bella half sister threw Charlie and after her mom dies she is put into a foster home and then the reader gets turned into a vampire and now lives w/ the Cullens forever and the reader tells them about Charlie and her mom and doesn't want Bella to know about her bcuz it doesn't matter and the reader hates Charlie. Sometimes they will be based on a Video Game from the game series, and sometimes they will take place in an Alternate Universe. I havent seen past the first hunger games and god i dont even remember when i last saw Percy Jackson. You decided since you were a guest in an unfamiliar place you would do as you were told. Severus Snape Baby Daddy (No one is to know) Lemon (Athours notes) Ok, let's pretend that Dumbledore didn't die, he was simply injured. 📜 fanfiction’s master list~ - >>> ao3 account wattpad account Eternity (Alice Cullen x Reader) - “Plot: “THIS IS GONNA GET RLLY DETAILED BE PREPARRD Can you do an imagine where the reader is Alice’s female human mate, and they’re at the mall or some shop with DISCLAIMER: All of the characters affiliated with the Twilight Saga Series belong to the brilliant mind of Stephanie Meyers. Reviews will be loved! Now there is a new twist to the tale, you get to decide her fate! -can you do a Merlin from once upon a time one shot where Merlin has to choose between the reader and nimue and he chooses the reader Isaac Lahey: - Can I have a imagine/one-shot where the reader is a banshee, but she find out now and do not know how to deal with strange things that only she hears, voices in his head and screams. Chapter 5. (Major Jasper x Scarlet Witch! Reader) Chapter 9: Meeting The Volturi. Lmao i don’t really know how american football works so i probably got stuff wrong, i just imagined it was like rugby hahah. Find one that looks interesting to you and let the author know what you thought. Pairing: Seth Clearwater/ Cullen!Vampire!Reader Words: 1000+ Warning(s): None~ A/N: I tried to use gender neutral pronouns in this to attempt to get used to it for futre requests that ask for them so i hope you dont mind♥ ALso my first time writing for Seth so I hope he isn’t too OOC. “After everything you did, you’re asking ME to apologize for snapping Darkiplier X Reader X Markiplier LEMON Prt. You also end up finding  My Immortal is a Harry Potter fan fiction serially published on FanFiction. Worst lie ever. But nobody loves Tony like tumblr does. "Jazzie, why are you so mean to Emmett?" Alice asked, picking at the apple on her tray. Chapter 1. [ This didn’t turn out as well as I hoped, I feel like. Emmett sat down at the back of the room, so naturally you took the seat next to him “Another Cullen” the teacher stated, which caused every single person in the class to turn around and look Eddsworld x Child!Reader {HIATUS} - red and blue lollipops Read from the story Eddsworld Comics Pl 1 by Miedzinka (Bare galne mennesker er verdt noe! Eddsworld Memes Eddsworld Comics Funny Comics Tomtord Comic Eddsworld Tord Red And Blue Hilarious It's Funny Illuminati When joining Jacob, Seth, and Leah in the fight against Sam and his want to kill Bella’s child, you meet Rosalie, whom you imprint on. Chapter One: Felix and Demetri returned home just as the sun was rising. Not enough time (Carlisle Cullen x Reader) Fandom: Twilight — —Warnings: smut, fingering, oral (male on female) — —Summary: You have been terribly missing your husband Carlisle so you decide to Jacob x reader. Gif A blog for Homestuck x Reader fanfiction, likely mostly lemons, in which the reader is depicted as human. The reader is the daughter of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. Demetri was obsessed. The Zero Comment Challenge is meant to find those authors and give them some love. Nov 20, 2018 It's 2018 and Twilight is trending on Tumblr. So I was going through my laptop and I’ve got 2k words towards a Wolverine/Logan sister!Reader x Loki which was an idea I forgot about and now I’m wondering if people would actually like me to put that up and start that? My plan at the minute is to get a few fics ahead and get a nice schedule going for you guys and for wattpad :) New Possibilities (Seth Clearwater) Originally posted by cute-anime-couples-like-us. Renesmee proved herself not an immortal child by showing Aro, Aro then turned to the slightly older girl with an expecting look “Can I see your hand young one?”. Spooky boy can really mess people up if Each Cullen child went to their classes, lucky for you Emmett was in every single one of yours – you knew that Carlisle had something to do with it. Skip to content; Skip to primary sidebar; Skip to footer; Twilight X Self Harm  How-The-Levi-Stole-Christmas--Levi-x-Child-Reader--CrackFic-AU. Levi x child reader Fanfiction (Y/n) (l/n), is a child and about 5 years old. Maybe the reader comes from the future and she's a witch who makes rose get pregnant  can you write something for Twilight, where the reader is Bella's sister, and Jasper . Based On: Could I get a Sam uley imagine where your feeling sick so Sam takes You had showered and dressed into new clean clothes, you were sure you had erased any scent of it off you. can you feel the diabetes yet. Enjoy. Of course, that wouldn’t be the only hurdle you would have to face to hide your little Summary: Reader has a child with Pre!vamp Jasper, and he changes her when he returns but can’t do that to his child. But when she moved away to the same little town her second cousin lived in nearly two years ago, you hadn’t seen each Werebear bf x Reader: Breeding (nsfw) Part 1. Certain events take place and a child is found a few lines from the boarder, while out hunting Emmett jacob black. Fem Harry/Jasper. Friendly criticism is welcome, no hate. After what felt like centuries Y/n and Renesmee were called to step forward, Edward kept her hand in his in an attempt to keep her calm. ^-^“ Pairing: Legolas x Pregnant Reader. Kim had slowly gotten the message that you didn’t want to talk about Jared anymore, so she stopped mentioning him around you. So I was going through my laptop and I’ve got 2k words towards a Wolverine/Logan sister!Reader x Loki which was an idea I forgot about and now I’m wondering if people would actually like me to put that up and start that? My plan at the minute is to get a few fics ahead and get a nice schedule going for you guys and for wattpad :) Inside the marvel universe crossovers such as X-men x avengers. How pathetic would that sound? Hermione x Reader, “Baby Boy” REQUEST: Hermione x reader where they magically have a baby boy (Hermione gave birth to him) and what it’s like as he grows up let’s go, chicken. Warnings: N/A. Chapter 2. Request: “Hey there, can you write of Legolas x Reader based on my own imagine "Imagine Legolas finding out that you are pregnant with his child. Go to the AO3 search and filter by comments, then look at the fics that don’t have any comments at all. Demetri had heard of the news – everyone had – as it was quite a big deal that the most brutal and horrifying leader of the Volturi would adopt a human child. Summary: the family throws a birthday party for baby reader Rosalie picked her child up from the floor and decided to give her a bath and get her dressed in a  Dec 18, 2016 Vampires At War Imagine | You are Carlisle's biological daughter and come with brooding news of war from the Volturi. Insane! Stalker! Demetri X Reader ~Yandere Headcanons~ Warning: Death!. Request: Hi! Can you do a imagine where your Carlisle and esme’s 8 year old human daughter and all the Cullen’s are very overprotective of you:) I love your all your imagines ️ ️ jared cameron | imprinting [2] jared cameron. I mainly write for: •Twilight •Teen Wolf •The Vampire Diaries •The Walking Dead •Supernatural •The Maze Runner •Lord of the Rings . You guys are in one hell of a surprise later on in the story! Twilight imagine the reader is Bella half sister threw Charlie and after her mom dies she is put into a foster home and then the reader gets turned into a vampire and now lives w/ the Cullens forever and the reader tells them about Charlie and her mom and doesn't want Bella to know about her bcuz it doesn't matter and the reader hates Charlie. Rosalie x Reader AU - You get a small dent in your car so you ask Rosalie to fix it. Characters: Legolas Greenleaf. I’m Gonna Marry Mommy!: Oikawa Tooru x Reader ”____~” Oikawa cooed as he wrapped his arms around your waist. Net between 2006 and and noted that the work is "agonizing" to a regular fan fiction reader because of "all the hated tropes" it . So you sat down in the red comfy chair Twilight had pointed out to you. Warnings: blood, not super graphic description of stitches. My Fandom Imagines Sometimes ideas just come to my mind and I write them down in my notes, unfortunately my ideas have become one to many so I have decided to post them as imagines on here. Since the birthing of Bella and Edwards child - Rosalie has fallen into a deep depression. However, if you think of another fandom that I don’t have listed and you are curious about just message me about it and I will get back as soon as possible with an answer. Her sisters are paired with Emmett and Garrett. 1652 words. thus enters yoru briar. Diego Hargreeves x Pregnant!Reader headcanon Hey, so I’m back, I just want to say that it started as an imagine in my head, but then it changed so that’s why it took so long for this to get here. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators! Anonymous said:Please write a fluffy Rosalie Hale x female reader imagine?Rosalie is the reader’s A Trip To the Dentist [Rosalie Hale x Fem!Reader] Not my gif. hermione granger x reader - Hermione and yourself spent at least the first trimester on how the hell Hermione got pregnant. she learns twilight is a spy and tricks him into adopting her and thus begins the fake!parent and child shenanigans with a healthy dose of cute bonding. but the school also requires meetings to be with both parents, so twilight needs to find a wife. When her father looked at her, all he saw was what he feared: By birth, by name, by nature, she belonged to the Dark. You were only a child, in retrospect but back in 1862, discovering the impending arrival of your son was a prize and nothing else. How does it work? Title: Stitches. You were starting to get a bit drowsy when Twilight returned. Characters: Esme Cullen, Carlisle Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Alice Cullen, Jasper Hale, Rosalie Hale. absurd (even beyond the hybrid vampire-child with the ridiculous conglomeration name): Rosalie  2019: The only reason Twilight, Justin Bieber and One Direction were . Finding out you were a pregnant was the greatest blessing in the world. Over the years, you grow into your role and into the opera, and eventually discover not everything within the walls of your home is as you expected it to be. They get to meet a new reader and you get to find new fic. Seriously, you’d have one enlightened child. Please note: A fic may only be nominated in one monthly poll. Rosalie finds out one day when she’s ranting about wanting to be a mother and Reader snaps, calling her selfish for always thinking of herself instead of others, and Reader runs away in tears leaving Edward to explain Reader’s human life and the fact she had a child. Originally posted by daerwyn. You assumed that he and Mark were done with the game of theirs. I am back from the dead with my Freshman award’s entry for mischiefandi’s tumblr awards!! My prompts were “All you do is whine” and “This was a stupid idea”. You were just a newborn human baby when Caius and Athenadora adopted you. Emmett her mate can’t stand to see her this way so he asks Carlisle to help aid him in adopting a child. So, they go to them asking if they will take care of Requested By Anonymous: can you do a Carlisle X Reader where the reader has multiple personality disorder. Hand in his, you’d smile up as your daughter marvels at the different birds from her perch atop Jason’s shoulders. ) Stupid Volvo Owner ($5 a month) Along with early access to imagines, you get access to the “Live Free or Twi-hard” Discord server! Join me and others in talking all things Twilight/fic-related! Marcus Volturi x Black Reader Who Loves Fashion headcanon for @ilytbrat - going shopping anytime you get - you ADORE naomi campbell • you know that gif of michaela coel from chewing gum where she has Scott's Little Sister (Pack x Reader) Imagine: You’re Scott’s 4 year old sister and you have to come with him to the pack meeting. Posessive - avengers x reader. like imagine how he’d react to finding out his son is being bullied, or how he’d react to his son almost dying, or maybe his son running away because of life is too much. Lemon Tumblr Yandere X Female Reader Lemon Harry Potter X Reader Baby Daddy. Nov 5, 2013 Before Mackenzie Foy stepped in to play Edward Cullen and Bella Swan's child Renesmee in the final chapter for “The Twilight Saga,”  Like the Cullen family, Tanya and her coven also live a "vegetarian" lifestyle, than her sisters when Sasha's crime of creating an immortal child was revealed. Reader / strangers! Pack x baby! Reader / family! Cullens x baby! Reader "Hey kid-” Seth head looked towards Emmetts direction and he couldn't help but  Imagine: Being the new kid at Fork's High School, and being quite awkward and Please keep requesting imagines! day-dream-imagines imaginetwilight. Like nostalgia without the memories to back it up. curlswithcreativity: Prompts: “All you do is whine” and “This was a stupid idea” A/N: Helllllllllloooooooo. Chapter 6. It’s more on the verge of a drabble, and it isn’t a direct prequel to The Fight. He was motionless, leaning on the arm that his fingers squeezed the bridge of his nose. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators! Requested: Anonymous. Silent Treatment (Caius Volturi x Reader) Caius wouldn’t even look at you. Request: @lost-in-the-stories: “Can I request a one shot where the reader is human somehow related to the Cullens and has found out they will die. Instead, she crushes your car into a ball and you still pay her. What are interactive fics? Basically, just regular reader-insert fics, but at the beginning, you submit your name (and any other info required for the fic, if applicable) and the fic updates itself so instead of reading Y/N, you read your own chosen name. And when they first meet he's all against it b/c your strange and whatnot but then he's like wow I actually love this girl and what not. It happened when the guard had paid a visit to the Cullens soon after the James incident. Pairing: Rosalie Hale x Reader Warnings: None Words: 1. Mistake - Richard Armitage x Reader/Lee Pace x Fem!Reader. Actually it didn't, I did. Word Count: 1,487. You had been silent for three days running, a broken expression on your face. Everybody is taken aback, but it explains to Alice why she could never see me and to get everybody use to the idea, I stay with the Cullens. Text follows: Request from @minniebarnesboo who wanted to see Pennywises reaction to finding out his s/o is pregnant with his baby. Avengers x Reader| Christmas WelcomeYou are part of the Avengers, And have been away for about 8 months, Taking care of your family and taking care of important business. Pairing: The Cullens x Reader. Teen Wolf x Reader x The Vampire Diaries (Avengers x Loki x reader (Don't Be Twilight X Self Harm Reader Yandere Monster X Reader Tumblr 2 days ago · Fem frisk x . You break up with Richard, but get the shock of your life when he asks you a very important question. Nice to finally meet you (Paul Lahote X Reader) Nony asked I was more than happy to do this, cause anyone that knows me, knows that I have always been, and always will be, a wolf girl lol. warnings: just pure cute fluff. Feel free to mention any Fandoms you would like to see on my blog. They vary from explicit smut, to horror, to sometimes a little bit of humor or fluff. twilight x child reader tumblr

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