Dr. Parth Oza and Music therapy

Dr. Parth Oza attained the qualification of a Doctor, completing his M.B.B.S. His desire to explore diversified aspects of life, made him enter in to a de novo field of research on MUSIC THERAPY. He explored this new subject with the help of Medical music therapy department, APOLLO HOSPITALS, Chennai. He is currently involved in creating an infrastructure for developing Music Therapy with Indian Classical music and its utilization in Indian lifestyle and Indian people, with the help renowned people in this field, worldwide. He has conducted successful workshops and therapy sessions for Prison inmates in Arthur jail, Mumbai along with NGOs working for the same. He conducts regular seminars and workshops on various subjects involving music therapy in it. His Music therapy blog, LET MUSIC HEAL, is a blog having his views and research in music therapy. He wishes to establish the role of our music in therapeutic healing for various medical conditions, as a powerful complementary medicine in our India with collaboration of world music.

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